Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect at my appointment?

CLEANINGS: A routine dental cleaning takes about 50 minutes. This includes any necessary x-rays, dental exam, periodontal readings, oral cancer screening, scaling, and polishing of the teeth. If this is your first time visiting us, you should anticipate up to 90 minutes. This initial exam is longer because we want to get to know you and your mouth very well! Properly collecting all of your baseline information is important so that we can plan any necessary treatment and achieve your oral health goals.

TREATMENT: The type of treatment you are receiving will dictate the length of your appointment. Ask our front desk manager when making your appointment how long you should plan to be with us for your visit. If you have dental fear or anxiety, oral sedation may be a good option for you. Discuss this with Dr. Hicklin during treatment planning at your initial exam.

DENTAL EMERGENCY: If you are experiencing pain, have broken or chipped teeth, or a crown has come off, an x-ray of the area may be necessary to properly diagnose the problem. Please call our office and we will work with you to get you in as quickly as possible!

2. Do you see children in your office?

Yes! Reedy River Dentistry offers preventive, restorative, and diagnostic services to you and your whole family. We recommend children begin 6 month check-ups by the age of 3. Starting to see a dentist at an early age ensures they can be comfortable and familiar with the process, and we can monitor and keep their teeth healthy as they grow. Routine cleanings and exams for adults are also advised on a 6 month interval to help maintain a healthy smile.

3. Can numbness be reversed?

Unwanted lingering numbness after a dental appointment can be reversed in the soft tissue of the lips, tongue, and cheeks. This makes speaking and smiling sensations feel normal, and numbness is normally eliminated twice as fast using the FDA approved product, OraVerse. Talk to your dental professional for more information.

4. How safe are dental X-rays?

You can trust our dental team only takes radiographs when medically necessary and adhere to the recommendations from the American Dental Association. X-rays play an important role in detecting and diagnosing cavities and many oral health problems. Based on your individual health, dental history, and vulnerability to dental problems, we will determine your radiographic needs. We utilize digital technology in our practice meaning the safest, most effective, detailed, and least invasive imaging available. The average set of x-rays using a digital sensor, is closely equivalent to the amount of exposure you get from the sun in a day.

5. Do you use white filling materials?

In short, yes. There are many types of filling materials, but due to the high demand for the white aesthetic appearance of fillings, we use composite and ceramic porcelain materials to restore your teeth.

6. What is Periodontal Disease?

Healthy gums are tight, firm, a shallow pocket depth, and do not bleed. When food, plaque, or bacteria sits too long at that gum line they release toxins, and this surrounding tissue or “pocket” of tissue around the tooth becomes irritated and inflamed. This can cause the bone underneath your gums to retreat to get away from irritation. This bone loss results in a deeper pocket of tissue around each tooth that is harder to keep clean and usually must be maintained at some point by a dental professional to address infection. Although bone cannot typically be regrown, we can work to arrest the disease and help you stabilize your gum health.

New Patient Forms

Below you’ll find our new patient forms. In order to make your visit faster, feel free to download, fill out and email the following documents to reedyriverdentistry@gmail.com before you arrive for your appointment.

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Patient Payment Policy


We have a wide arrangement of options to help you receive the dental care you want. We are happy to file all insurance types (except Medicaid and Medicare) to help you receive the maximum benefit from your plan. We are in network with Delta Dental.

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards for your convenience.

Care Credit is North America’s leading healthcare payment program. We participate in the 6 month, no-interest plan to allow dental expenses to be easily managed on a payment plan. Check the link below to see if this is a good option for you.

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